‘Innovate: Cabling For The Future’ breaks 40,000 barrier

Siemon has announced that its market- leading free magazine ‘Innovate: Cabling for the Future‘ has a global circulation that now reaches over 40,000 people in more than 148 countries.

Siemon’s interactive magazine is available online and offers a focused quarterly round-up of industry, standards and product news, plus instructional videos, case studies and white papers.

The latest issue offers a data center news roundup and includes information on the company’s most recent product releases: LightStack, the ultra-high density fiber enclosure, SidePOD and Baffle and SnapFit Thermal Blanking Panels.

According to Siemon, ‘Innovate’ is read in approximately 148 countries globally, with the original English version translated into several additional languages, including Chinese, Spanish, German, Russian and Japanese. It has been published since 2011 and, thanks to new format enhancements, it is compatible with most mobile devices and tablets, making it easily accessible. In addition to serving news and summaries of longer articles, the magazine links to a rich mixture of online content, including blogs, webinars and videos.

Explaining the purpose of the magazine, global integrated marketing manager, David Wall, said, “Our primary goal is to deliver exceptional learning materials for our customers, our partners and other professionals involved in the network cabling industry. Throughout Innovate, readers will find resources on structured cabling and data center standards, provided by Siemon experts – many of whom participate in, or lead, standards organization including ISO/IEC, IEEE, TIA and the Data Center Alliance.” Qualifying its appeal, Wall continued, “Innovate offers a gateway to the research and products that result from Siemon’s heavy investment in innovation and development within the data center, LAN and intelligent building markets. It also references the white papers and blogs of our Standards Informant, where news breaks on the very latest developments in our industry.”

Readers of the magazine range from end users, to consultants, systems integrators, designers and installers. Its varied content is said to appeal to a wide range of industry professionals as outlined by Wall, “The format of Innovate makes it a really easy read and is a particularly useful way to capture information quickly. The mixture of local content and international inspiration offers a great way to keep your intellectual capital up to date and learn best practices from experts in a cross-section of industries.”

Innovate is available to view in its interactive format online, or to download as a PDF file. Regional versions are available, as are different language editions. Subscription to Siemon’s digital magazine is free and readers can sign up at http://www.siemon.com/innovate/


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