Siemon 4U LightStack Optimizes High Density Data Centers

15-04-01-lightstack-4uApril 1, 2015. Watertown, CT — Siemon, a leading global network infrastructure specialist, is pleased to announce a 4U version of its LightStack™ Ultra High Density Fiber System to house to 576 LC fibers or 3456 MTP fibers in just four rack units of space while ensuring superior port access, cable management and fast, seamless migration to advanced 40 and 100 gigabit applications.

Part of Siemon’s LightHouse™ Advanced Fiber Optic Cabling Solutions, LightStack 4U is an innovative rack-mount enclosure with revolutionary horizontal cable management that handles both traditional and uni-tube jumpers and features easy-unlatch, swing-open management clips for full access to the jumpers. Swivel trunk cable tie-down points on the rear of the enclosure maintain proper bend radius, while sliding trays offer all-around better access than any other high-density fiber enclosure on the market. Modules are easily inserted or removed from either the front or rear of the enclosure, and the visually appealing easy-open magnetic door eliminates harmful pinch points and offers high-visibility drop-down labeling.

“Our 1U LightStack Ultra High Density Fiber System is extremely popular among today’s high-density data centers that require easy access and management of high density fiber connectivity with the capability to easily migrate from 10 to 40 and 100 gigabit speeds,” says Charlie Maynard, Fiber Optic Product Manager at Siemon’s global headquarters. “Our latest 4U version simplifies installation for high fiber count environments by supporting four times the density in a single enclosure while maintaining the best-in-class LightStack features that help data centers overcome current and future fiber connectivity challenges.”

The LightStack Ultra High Density Fiber System includes ultra-slim LightStack low-loss 0.35dB LC-to-MTP modules, 0.2dB MTP pass-through adapters that are fully ready to support 40 and 100 gigabit applications, and 12-fiber LC pass-through adapter plates for current 10 gigabit Ethernet or Fibre Channel SAN applications. Ideal for backbone and SAN applications, the system also includes trunk cables, including MTP trunk cables and LC-to-MTP hybrid trunk cables available in staggered lengths for connecting a variety of active equipment to interconnects or cross connects.

For more information on the LightStack Ultra High Density Fiber System,

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2 Responses to Siemon 4U LightStack Optimizes High Density Data Centers

  1. George B. says:

    I am quickly becoming a fan of your LightStack line but it still isn’t quite as dense as I would like. For example, the YWMF 40G cables that consolidate 3x 40G connectors to 2x 12-fiber cables. It would make much better sense to have a single 24-fiber cable than two 12-fiber cables. The same is true with the LS-MP LightStack adaptor plates. Having those available in 24-fiber models would be a huge help.

    I generally like to consolidate things to 24-fiber cable where it makes sense to do so. I have been able to locate a 6x 12-fiber 40G pinout to 2x 24-fiber conversion cassette on the market, making even a 3 x 12 fiber (40G pinout) to 1 x 24-fiber module in the LightStack line would sure come in handy in my particular use case. I generally like to run QSFP optical ports, consolidate 3 of them to a 24-strand cable at a patch panel, and run 24-strand trunks to my access racks from my distribution rack. Consolidating 3 x 12-strand 40G ports to 2 x 12-strand cables doesn’t quite give me the efficiency I am looking for and it is somewhat confusing for our systems people who might take a moment to realize that one of those QSFP ports is split across the two cables.

    Great stuff, thanks!

  2. Paula Alves says:

    The 4U version of the LightStack™ Ultra High Density Fibre System seems to be the man for the job when it comes to handling fibre optics. What’s more it has superior port access and better cable management.Not to mention seamlessly fast migration of data facilitated by 40 and 100 gigabyte applications.Powerful tools at work for data management.

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