Trouble fitting high-performance cable like category 6A into standard outlet boxes?

One sure way to know that a particular cabling type is seeing widespread installation is an uptick in feedback (I.E.: constructive criticism) from installers.  For 10Gb/s cabling like category 6A, we anticipated that these cables’ increased diameter and bend radius requirements could pose installation challenges in some work area configurations – especially in traditional outlet boxes.   Well, judging from installer feedback, more and more category 6A is going into the enterprise network and the old “4 square” boxes can make installation tough – they just don’t have enough space to easily manage the larger cable.

Siemon 5 Square Telecommunication Outlet BoxIf you’ve tried to stuff big 10Gb/s cable into little boxes, I don’t need to tell you that 50% more space and some cable management features would help. . .  which (not coincidentally) is exactly what Siemon’s new 5 Square telecommunication outlet box delivers.  Check it out:

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