This Standard establishes a benchmark for sustainable energy and materials practices as they relate to the design, specification, deployment, and operation of information technology (IT) and information communication technology (ICT) systems.  A five-phase approach guides architects, consultants, engineers, building owners, facility managers, and occupants in how to implement practices in a manner that exceeds the benchmark criteria.  This Standard is applicable to both new and retrofit low voltage IT and ICT systems.

ANSI/TIA-4994 “Standard for Sustainable Information Communications Technology” was developed by the TIA TR-42.10  Sustainable Information Communications Technology Subcommittee and published in March, 2015.  The Standard is divided into two sections to address the roles that 1) the project designer, system integrator, and design and integration technology teams have in planning and documenting the sustainable aspects of IT systems and 2) the IT manager has in tracking the environmental performance of deployed IT systems.

ANSI/TIA-4994 Content

  • Phase Descriptions
  • Requirements Common to all Phases
  • Planning or Program Phase
  • Architectural and Infrastructure Design Phase
  • ICT Systems Design Phase
  • ICT Systems Integration Phase
  • Operations Assessment Phase
  • Informative Annex containing a Bibliography

ANSI/TIA-4994 Phase Descriptions

Planning or Program Phase: The functional requirements of the building’s various IT systems are identified and a budget is defined.
Architectural and Infrastructure Design Phase: Core requirements for infrastructure support systems, such as spaces, pathways, power, and cooling, are considered.
ICT Systems Design: Hardware and software solutions and interconnections between ICT systems are defined.
ICT Systems Integration: ICT hardware and software systems are procured, assembled, integrated, tested, and commissioned for use.
Operations Assessment: Operation of ICT systems is verified to meet all contract requirements.  It is recommended that the duration of this phase extend for a minimum of one year.

ANSI/TIA-4994 Phase Commonality

The following objectives and requirements should be incorporated into all phases of a sustainable IT/ICT design:
  • Reduction of paper consumption
  • Material and equipment reuse
  • General coordination with mechanical/HVAC requirements
  • Identification of opportunities for intelligent building technology and facility management
  • Reduction of project team’s travel and carbon impact

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