Automated Infrastructure Management (AIM) solutions are comprised of integrated hardware and software systems that automatically detect the insertion or removal of cords, support documentation of the cabling infrastructure and connected equipment, and enable management of the infrastructure and data exchange with other systems. AIM systems contribute to operational efficiency, facilitate cabling infrastructure and connected device administration, streamline facilities, IT, intelligent building, and other management processes and systems, and support business information systems covering asset tracking and asset management. Event notifications and alerts assist with maintaining physical network security.

ANSI/TIA-5048 “Automated Infrastructure Management (AIM) Systems – Requirements, Data Exchange and Applications” was developed by the TIA TR-42.6 Infrastructure Administration Subcommittee and published in June, 2017. This Standard is an adaption of ISO/IEC 18598 “Automated Infrastructure Management (AIM) Systems – Requirements, Data Exchange and Applications”, which defines core and auxiliary functions of AIM systems, with the following addition:

  • The chosen identification scheme for the items to be documented within the AIM software shall be compliant with TIA‑606‑C

ANSI/TIA-5048 Content

  • Automated Infrastructure Management (AIM) Systems
  • AIM Solutions: Business Benefits
  • AIM Solutions: Data Exchange Framework
  • Annexes addressing Hierarchy and Containment Rules, Field Descriptions, Implementation Requirements and Recommendations, and Optional Lower Level Data Exchange Framework

ANSI/TIA-5048 Functional Elements

AIM system include the following two functional elements:

  • Hardware that automatically detects the insertion and removal of cords and
  • Software that
    • collects and stores the resulting connection information,
    • relates the connection information to cabling connectivity information,
    • relates the cabling connectivity information to information from other sources, and
    • makes the connection information accessible to either an authorized user or to other systems

Siemon MapIT® G2 Next Generation Automated Infrastructure Management hardware and Siemon EagleEyeTM Connect software is an ideal way to provide real-time tracking and reporting of network-wide physical layer activity.

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