IEEE Std 802.3bu ”IEEE Standard for Ethernet Amendment 8: Physical Layer and Management Parameters for Power over Data Lines (PoDL) of Single Balanced Twisted-Pair Ethernet” was developed by the IEEE P802.3bu 1-Pair Power over Data Lines (PoDL) Task Force and approved by the IEEE-SA Standards Board on December 7, 2016. This amendment defines methodology for the provision of power via a single twisted-pair to connected Data Terminal Equipment (DTE) with IEEE 802.3 interfaces. This application is targeted for deployment in automotive, industrial automation, transportation (aircraft and rail), and other environments that utilize 100BASE-T11000BASE-T1, or any other single pair data or non-data entity protocol.

The link segment supporting PoDL operation consists of single balanced twisted-pair cabling having a dc loop resistance of less than 6 Ω for 12 V unregulated classes or less than 6.5 Ω for 12V regulated, 24V regulated and unregulated, and 48V regulated classes. PoDL is not compatible with Ethernet applications, including  IEEE Std 802.3™ PoE (DTE Power via MDI), operating over 2- or 4‑pairs of balanced twisted-pair cable.

Class Power Requirements for PoDL Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE), Power Interface (PI), and Powered Device (PD):

PoDL Class Power Requirements Matrix for PSE, PI, and PD

Goals and Objectives for 1-Pair Power over Data Lines (PoDL) operation:

  • Specify a power distribution technique for use over a single twisted pair link segment
  • Allow for operation if data is not present
  • Support voltage and current levels for the automotive, transportation, and industrial control industries
  • Do not preclude compliance with standards used in automotive, transportation, and industrial control industries when applicable
  • Support fast-startup operation using predetermined voltage/current configurations and optional operation with run-time voltage/current configuration
  • Ensure compatibility with IEEE Std 802.3bp (e.g., EMI, channel definition, noise requirements)

The IEEE 802.3 1-Pair Power over Data Lines (PoDL) Call-For-Interest Consensus Presentation can be found here:

The Project Authorization Request (PAR), approved on December 11, 2013, can be found here:

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