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The ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 25/WG 3 Interconnection of Information Technology Equipment Working Group maintains voluntary standards characterizing cabling systems for customer premises including test procedures and planning and installation guides. Note that, while the purview of this Working Group includes the specification of requirements for components, assemblies and subsystems, the standardization of cables and connectors remains within the relevant product technical committees and subcommittees of the International Electrotechnical Committee (IEC). Click here for more information on ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 25/WG 3.

The next edition of the ISO/IEC-11801 family of Standards is under development and will reflect a significant reorganization of content to streamline requirements for commercial, data centre, intelligent building, and other networks. This chart depicts the new hierarchy for the ISO/IEC‑11801 series and how these Standards will interrelate. Click on the links to learn more about each Standard.

ISO/IEC 11801-1
Generic Cabling: General Requirements
ISO/IEC 11801-2
Office Premises
ISO/IEC TR 11801-9901
Guidance for Balanced Cabling
in Support of at Least
40 Gbit/s Data Transmission
ISO/IEC 11801-3
Industrial Premises
ISO/IEC TR 11801-9902
End-to-End Link Model
ISO/IEC 11801-4
ISO/IEC TR 11801-9903
Matrix Modelling of
Channels and Links
ISO/IEC 11801-5
Data Centres
ISO/IEC TR 11801-9904
Guidelines for the Use of
Installed Cabling to Support
ISO/IEC 11801-6
Distributed Building Services
ISO/IEC TR 11801-9905
Guidelines for the Use of
Installed Cabling to Support

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