This Standard specifies requirements and recommendations for Automated Infrastructure Management (AIM) systems used to manage complex cabling installations.

Siemon MapIT G2 Master Control Panel

These systems can contribute to operational efficiency and deliver benefits related to cabling infrastructure and connected device administration, facilitation of IT and other management processes and systems (e.g. intelligent building systems), asset tracking and management, and event notifications and alerts that assist with physical network security.  AIM systems, such as Siemon’s MapIT® G2 solution, are commonly referred to as, “intelligent patching systems”.

ISO/IEC 18598: “Automated Infrastructure Management (AIM) Systems – Requirements, Data Exchange and Applications”  was developed by ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 25 (Subcommittee 25: Interconnection of Information Technology Equipment, of ISO/IEC Joint Technical Committee 1: Information Technology) and published in September, 2016.

The purpose of this Standard is to specify the requirements and recommendations for AIM system features /functions, describe the customer benefits provided by AIM systems, and specify the framework that AIM systems may use to exchange data with other software applications, which will allow better integration between 3rd party software products.

 ISO/IEC 18598 Content

  • Conformance
  • Automated Infrastructure Management (AIM) systems
  • AIM solutions: Business Benefits
  • Extrinsic Benefits of AIM when Linked with other Business Information and Network Management Systems
  • AIM solutions: Data Exchange Framework
  • Annexes addressing Hierarchy and Containment Rules, Field Descriptions, and Implementation Requirements and Recommendations

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