This international Standard, in conjunction with ISO/IEC 11801, specifies both balanced copper and optical fibre cabling systems and is targeted at industrial premises or industrial areas within other types of premises. This Standard specifies a modified structure and configuration for generic cabling within industrial premises, as well as a implementation options, and requirements that that reflect the operating environments within industrial premises. This Standard provides users with application independent requirements for infrastructures that support critical automation, process control, and monitoring applications with a flexible, yet generic cabling system, which is easy to modify.

ISO/IEC 24702 Edition 1.0 “Information Technology – Generic Cabling – Industrial Premises” was developed by subcommittee 25: Interconnection of information technology equipment, of ISO/IEC joint technical committee 1: Information technology. This Standard is to be read in conjunction with ISO/IEC 11801 Edition 2.2. ISO/IEC 24702 Edition 1.0 was published October 2006.

ISO/IEC 24764 Edition 1.0 Content

  • Conformance
  • Structure
  • Channel Performance
  • Reference Implementations
  • Cable Requirements
  • Connecting Hardware Requirements
  • Cords
  • Annexes addressing Link Performance Limits, Test Methods, Reference Implementations, Supported Applications, and Environmental Classification
This full standard is available for purchase on the IEC Webstore here.

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