This document is categorized as a type 2 technical report, which specifies the use of generic balanced cabling for customer premises, as specified in ISO/IEC 11801, ISO/IEC 15018, ISO/IEC 24702, and ISO/IEC 24764, for remote powering of terminal equipment.  This report covers the transmission and electrical parameters needed to support remote power over balanced cabling.  It also provides requirements and guidelines that will enable the support of a wide variety of extra low voltage (ELV) limited power source (LPS) applications using remote power, and also touches on the impact of installation scenarios.

ISO/IEC TR 29125 Edition 1.0: “Telecommunications Cabling Requirements for Remote Powering of Terminal Equipment” was developed by subcommittee 25: Interconnection of information technology equipment, of ISO/IEC joint technical committee 1: Information technology.  ISO/IEC TR 29125 Edition 1.0 was published September 2010. 

ISO/IEC TR 29125 Edition 1.0 Contents

  • Conformance
  • Cabling Selection and Performance
  • Installation Conditions
  • Transmission Requirements
  • Remote Power Delivery Over Balanced Cabling
  • Connecting Hardware
  • Annex on Mitigation Considerations for Installed Cabling

This full standard is available for purchase on the IEC Webstore here.


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