Cost is More than a Price Tag

pricetagWhen it comes to choosing optical fiber cabling for your data center, it’s important to understand the hidden costs of making the wrong choice. Just because optical fiber assemblies from certain sources cost less upfront, does not mean these solutions are the most cost effective choice in the long run.

Testing overwhelmingly shows that generic optical fiber assemblies from unknown sources frequently fail end face geometry, performance and mechanical reliability testing. One needs to therefore ask themselves if the upfront savings from buying substandard optical fiber assemblies are worth putting network performance at risk. Considering the extreme cost of downtime, it is ultimately more cost effective to choose optical fiber assemblies from reputable manufacturers that place a high emphasis on all facets of fiber optic assembly performance, including the use of rigorous process control over end face geometry, cleanliness and mechanical reliability to ensure superior optical performance.

Carefully weighing the options and considering your future growth and application assurance for the future should also not be overlooked. If what you spend your IT budget on today adds no value tomorrow, or ends up costing you more because you are not able to effectively support your future needs, was it really the most cost-effective choice? Data center managers would be wise to not only examine their source vendors, but also rely on the expertise of designers and consultants who have a pulse on the available optical fiber options, applications and future standards developments and can help you choose solutions today that will ultimately cost less tomorrow.

Click here to access the test results on the performance and reliability of generic optical fiber assemblies.

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